About Us

SupaVeda was born through a passion to see the healing powers of Ayurveda made accessible to the Western world. It realised the growing need for reliable Ayurvedic Products Online to help us maintain optimum health.

We have gained an intimate knowledge of the key Ayurvedic Superfoods following over 15 years of work and research into their action and delivery. We have used our industry knowledge to source the natural herbal products from the most ethical farms and suppliers in India. Furthermore, we have employed cutting-edge extraction processes to refine and increase the potency of the products’ beneficial qualities.

We believe that good health can be achieved by all and have found that the potential of a wide range of Ayurvedic superfoods can be harnessed to help those who struggle to gain control over their health and well-being via conventional means.

SuperVeda – Ayurvedic Superfoods for All