Seasonal allergies can be frustrating but managed naturally too! Depending on the allergy it can aggrevate a different dosha (vata, pitta, kapha).

Vata allergy symptoms can include headaches and muscle aches. To balance the excess space and air elements, it is key to have optimum hydration levels and drink warm liquids, such ginger tea with honey or turmeric in almond milk or milk of your choice. To bring Vata back into balance, use calming herbs such as Ashwagandha which is also an immune modulator that calms the immune system’s response to allergen

Kapha allergy symptoms can include Mucus related issues like sinusitis. Bitter and astringent herbs can help manage this. A concotion of ginger, turmeric, cardamom and cumin in warm water will help battle this.

Pitta allergy symptoms can include inflammatory conditions and even upset stomachs. To ensure digestion is running smoothly our triphala can be taken as well as turmeric to prevent such anti-inflammatory conditons. Amalaki and neem are also beneficial.