Digestive health

Ayurveda on: Digestion

Agni is the word in Ayurveda for your ‘digestive fire’. It includes not only the breakdown and absorption of food but also its further transformation in liver and cells to generate energy, create new tissues and eliminate toxins. There are 13 digestive fires. The first and most important is in your gut. Not only does your gut digest your diet, but it also lights all your other fires. In other words, it empowers your metabolism and is responsible for good energy and health.

If your fires burn bright they transform the fuel of your diet and produce ojas. Ojas is the finest product of good digestion that gives wonderful vitality, excellent strength, stamina and immunity, integration of mind and body and the projection of joy, love and intelligence. If your fires burn poorly, or are disturbed, they produce more smoke - Ama - which is a sticky toxic material that clogs fine channels. This blocks the entrance of nutrients into your tissues, the evacuation of toxins, and inhibits the flow of energy and of life. The eventual result of the build-up of ama is disease. So for good health it is essential to take care of your digestion.